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Welcome one and all to tp_rating! This is a rating community for the game “The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.” If you would like to discover which character from this game you most resemble, then take off your shoes and stay a while! This is a family/friendly community and everyone is welcome here!

To all you hero hopefuls, heed my advice, reading the rules is a necessity for your survival in this community. Don’t worry, it wont be fatal for you if you don’t read the rules, but you’ll only make your journey difficult if you venture off before equipping yourself with the necessary knowledge.

In other words I strongly recommend you read the rules.

Thank you for your cooperation!
Here are the rules, please read them carefully.

1. Please be respectful; no flaming, bashing, racism, stigma, crude remarks, insults pertaining to the sexes or preferences.

2. Please keep in mind that everyone has a favorite character and a least favorite character, but just because you don’t like a certain character doesn’t mean you have to insult the character.

3. This is a rating community, not a chat community, it is nice to thank people for rating you, but I advise against it since it will appear that you have more votes than you actually do. The mod will screen comments not related to voting if I catch them, if I don’t you are responsible for voting and not chatting.

4. No character wars within the commenting section, this will not be tolerated.

5. If you want to be rated you must also rate as well, I am making this mandatory by adding a section in your application where you must provide at least 3 links to members you have rated. Only the first 10 members are exempt from this rule, but I encourage you to rate anyway.

6. Make sure you place your vote in bold tags <*b*>Link<*/b*> just remove the asterisks. This makes it easy for me to see the votes.

7. Absolutely no remote linking/hotlinking/bandwidth theft/remote loading/leeching of the stamps please! The site www.photobucket.com is a free service so please use it. Also LJ has this new handy dandy feature called ScrapBook.

8. Do not be so bold and brazen as to rate yourself by stealing the banner of your choosing, it will force me to remove the banners and I'd hate to do that.

9. Be as detailed as you can in your application, the more details the better members are able to relate your personality to a character.

10. No advertising, and if you have a question or would like to affiliate either comment in a mod post or use the link provided in the affiliate section.

11. In regards to your application photos are optional, but please no cosplay pictures, you are free to post cosplay after you have been stamped.

12. All applications must be behind a cut, *one* cut not multiple cuts, one cut is fine <*lj-cut*>. Again, just remove the asterisks.

13. As a bonus for being active and voting you may reapply 3 times after your first application. There is a condition to this, your first stamp requires that you must have rated 3 other members, when you reapply the amount triples each time. For your second application you must have rated 9 times, your third application you must have rated 27 times, and for your fourth and final application you must have rated 81 times. The game is to keep score of your own rating. This is not necessary if you are fine with what you have gotten.

14. Do not ask me when you will get stamped, your mod may have a rather demanding life, but I will get around to it.

15. So I know that you have read up to this part please put - Shadow and Light - in the subject of your post, this will change frequently.
After you have read the rules feel free to fill out the application and copy/paste it to the community. Make sure to be thorough and remember to cut it.

After 5 ratings or 7 days you will be stamped, though if you have an insufficient amount of votes I may be inclined to hold off on stamping. If you need more votes or you need a tie breaker then leave a comment HERE

If you would like to affiliate your own rating and/or Zelda related community with tp_rating please visit me HERE, this is the only place where advertisement is allowed!

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Other Information
This is where you will find all the important information pertaining to the community. Before asking questions please look through the information provided here.

Questions, comments, and ideas HERE
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"The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess" is a Nintendo™ and ©Shigeru Miyamoto

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