sylverdragonfly (sylverdragonfly) wrote in tp_rating,

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[Mod Post]

Hey, you guys have been doing great so far, this is just a reminder of who needs more ratings.

mouette_lunaire needs to have her three-way tie broken HERE.

holywombats needs 1+ ratings HERE also another two-way happening here.

meatina needs 2+ ratings HERE another two-way here.

fujiwara_san needs 1+ ratings HERE.

This is just a reminder, even though you have been stamped you can still continue to stamp other members, especially if you are dissatisfied with the character you were stamped as. Remember you have 3 more chances, but also keep in mind you have to triple your efforts and rate nine members. If you have already rated three that means you have to rate six more and keep track of your posts so you will know who you have rated.
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