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Shadow and Light

Name/Nickname: Dawn
Age: 23
Astrological sign: Libra/Ox
Height: 5'3.5" (Jeebus I almost put 3'5.5")
Describe your personality: I'm generally a relaxed and objective individual and I tend to reserve my judgments. I am not confrontational it's something I try to avoid unless it's absolutely necessary. I dwell on things - the past, if I've been wronged, was the color of that car mint green or sage? I have a good sense of humor, it doesn't really take much to get me going. I'm slow to anger...or rather I keep my anger in check. I'm emotional, I do cry when I read stories about abused animals and children. I have a keen distrust of people - particularly in situations where I've been taken advantage of - I have to work up a sense of trust.

Would you prefer to be rated as girl/boy/doesn’t matter?: Does not matter
Have you rated 3, 9, 27, or 81 members? Please post the links:

And...pretty much everyone else.

Hobbies: Reading, writing, graphic design, psychology, anthropology, sociology, astronomy, DDR/video games, baking (I'm not that good at it XD ), cultural studies, ice skating, tae bo, and archery
Likes: Babies (I like them I don't want them), elderly people (are adorable), animals of all kinds, family, friends, my pets, worldly people, open-mindedness, tolerance, art, music, anthropology, psychology, sociology, astronomy, strawberry shortcake, watermelon, spinach, anime, manga, video games, design, autumn, The Clown Prince of Crime, Sandman (the Corinthian~)...lots of things.
Dislikes: Elderly abuse, child abuse, animal abuse, bigots, intolerance, stupidity, sexism, homophobes, people who spell simple words incorrectly on purpose - muney is one letter away from being money (whyyyyyy!), anyone who threatens my family and friends, bugs (excluding cute bugs), people who don't know when to quit (you know the kind of people who don't know when to shut their mouths and you just want to backhand them on the sly), arguing semantics, alcohol, and beef.
Strengths: I am a good listener and problem solver, I'm competitive in school (not so much that if I get a 92 and somebody gets a 96 I'll cry about it, I don't mince As), I'm good with kids, I'm good at reading people, I'm pretty good at organizing projects, and I don't succumb to apathy (I don't understand how people can just stand back and go about their daily lives as a man gets hit by a car...and then another car...and not do anything but watch).
Weaknesses: I can be very lethargic and indecisive, the aforementioned dwelling I believe is definitely a weakness and I choke down my anger. I am incapable of lying which I think is a strength and a weakness - it is a weakness because it makes it very difficult for me to keep a secret - I'm too much of an open book.
Favorite color: Aquamarine
Favorite animal: I love all kinds of animals, but my top five are golden retrievers (or dogs in general), cats, otters, lion monkeys, and dolphins.

Is the glass half empty or half full?: Half must be a half full day.
Are you a leader, follower, or loner?: It depends really on the situation in groups I like equality - everyone pulling their weight and everyone having their say. If I am in a situation where I don't know exactly what I'm doing then I'd rather follow and save face, than to come off as a total donut. I can also do the loner thing.
Are you gung-ho or are you a tactician?: Again, it also depends, when it comes to fun or casual circumstances I can be gung-ho, but if it's important I can be tactful.
Are you shy, outgoing, or in between?: I'm in between, I don't like to party-hardy, but I'm not crippled by shyness.
Are you mature or immature?: I'm a good balance of both, not so mature that I come off looking as though I don't enjoy life and not so immature that I come off as unbearable.

If you could have any wish granted what would it be?: To give back to my parents, I know there is no way I can do that unless I rub a lamp.
What is the one thing you would change about the world if you could?: I would mold humanity into something respectable.
Do you believe in the good or the bad in man?: Both. Good and bad is a two-way spectrum, there's always opposing forces so both will always exist in nature and in man.
How do you feel about mistakes?: "If you don't make mistakes, you don't make anything" - Proverb I believe that mistakes are necessary. If we didn't make them then we wouldn't learn, if we don't learn then we don't progress. Unless the mistake isn't really mine, then I'm happy to learn and endure.

Twilight Princess
Favorite character: Link typically, but I also fancied Telma and Louise (hah hah pun!) quite a bit.
Least favorite character: Ilia...I think it's because she's a little cliched.
Favorite boss: Argorok was fun.
Favorite Location: Zora's Domain/River

Power, Courage, or Wisdom?: Courage
Weapon of choice?: Aside from the always handy Blade of Evil's Bane, the Double Clawshot.

Picture or description: Not sure what you'll be able to glean from this, but my prom picture is my most recent picture. I haven't changed much since then except now I wear my glasses more, because I have this thing about objects coming at my eyes. I'm the one on the far right btw.

Click for pic~!

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