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Name/Nickname: Taylor/Tay
Age: 17
Astrological sign: sagittarius/horse
Height: 5'7''
Describe your personality: I'm a shy and reserved person, but I'm also very adventurous and passionate. I love art. I'm very protective and loving to my friends, though at times I can be a bit stubborn. I have sort of my own style for everything. I'll step up and face my fears if it's for something I believe in.


Would you prefer to be rated as girl/boy/doesn’t matter?: I'm a girl, but it does not matter to me.</b>
Have you rated 3, 9, 27, or 81 members? Please post the links: I looked through the community and everyone appeared to have their stamps already...I will gladly rate if someone can tell me somewhere I can though. ^_^


Hobbies: art, writing, graphic design, sleep, food...xP
Likes: animals, adventure, adrenaline, rollercoasters, nature, my friends, energy drinks, jokes/laughing, stars, artsy things...
Dislikes: rude people, math, boring/monotonous things, politics, people who always think theyre right, clowns, deep water, ranch dressing...xD
Strengths: art/design, seeing through people when they try to hide things, I'm pretty brave...a bit empathetic, I'm determined when it comes to things that I want to do, I have a quick wit/reflex...
Weaknesses: I'm disorganized, clumsy at times, pessimistic, a tad blunt, have my head in the clouds a lot, only put effort into things I'm interested in...
Favorite color: turquoise
Favorite animal: wolf
Is the glass half empty or half full?: usually I'll admit; I'm a pessimist. I'm afraid if I get my hopes up, I'll just be dissapointed more, so I keep them down, that way I'll be more surprised when good things happen, and not as shocked when bad things do.
Are you a leader, follower, or loner?: loner, most definately. If I have to be in a group, I'll only lead if I know something very well.
Are you gung-ho or are you a tactician?: I'm extremely spontaneous, I barely ever plan anything out at all. I'm more inclined to follow my gut instinct. I'd rather not waste the few natural insticts the human race has left. xP
Are you shy, outgoing, or in between?: between, I'd say. I'm very shy towards people I don;t know well, but I'm compltely fine, or even outgoing, when I'm with friends.
Are you mature or immature?: I act immature, but in reality I'm very mature when I have to be. I just figure I should have fun when I can, and I'll save the serious attitude for when it;s needed.
If you could have any wish granted what would it be?: to be free from responsibility and travel the world.
What is the one thing you would change about the world if you could?: I'd plant more effing trees and flowers, and bring back the nature and beauty the human race has destroyed. D<
Do you believe in the good or the bad in man?: Both. I know people are ultamitely good but I also believe everyone has a bit of darkness deep inside them somewhere. It;s human nature.
How do you feel about mistakes?: everyone makes them. nobody is perfect, no matter what anyone says. in fact, nothing is perfect. not even those circles in your math book are perfectly round.

Twilight Princess

Favorite character: tie! midna/link. I'm so cliche. 8D Link because he's my hero, and I love his purity. Midna because she's the first zelda character I've ever known who acts just like me. xDD also, she looks cool, and I love twilight. <3
Least favorite character: Zant. D: I was so dissapointed, I thought he would be a cool villian like Ganon, but he was just a faker. D<
Favorite boss: Toughie...probably Stallord, or the dragon boss from the sky temple...they were both fun fights.
Favorite Location: the sacred grove/twilight realm
Power, Courage, or Wisdom?: Courage I believe, is the most important out of those three. You can have wisdom, but do you have the courage to uphold what you know is right? You can have power, but do you have the courage to do good with it?
Weapon of choice?: sword.


Picture or description: http://i270.photobucket.com/albums/jj118/twilight-guardian/SANY0057.jpg

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