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Shadow and Light

Name/Nickname: Stephanie
Age: 23
Astrological sign: Taurus
Height: 5'6"
Describe your personality: For the most part, I'm a quiet, independent girl. I try not to bother with other people unless I have to. When I do have to, and those people are strangers, I'm polite and a little business-like.

But with friends, I'm the crazy swearing one, laughing for no reason and marching to my own drum XD

Would you prefer to be rated as girl/boy/doesn’t matter?: Doesn't really matter.
Have you rated 3, 9, 27, or 81 members? Please post the links: Nobody but me needs a rate :x

Hobbies: Reading, writing, taking things apart, putting them back together, painting, collecting fonts, video editing, and playing with knives.
Likes: Cats, chocolate, history, Nerf gun fights, tea, nature, night, winter and swords.
Dislikes: Spiders, ignorance, most people, realtors, bad spelling and grammar, and hot weather.
Strengths: Creative, good at remembering seemingly useless information, open-mindedness, sense of humour, and rationality.
Weaknesses: Low tolerance for heat, impatience, short-fuse, bull-headed, and confrontational.
Favorite color: Blue
Favorite animal: Cat

Is the glass half empty or half full?: Depends on if it's been taken from or added to.
Are you a leader, follower, or loner?: Loner.
Are you gung-ho or are you a tactician?: Gung-ho.
Are you shy, outgoing, or in between?: In between.
Are you mature or immature?: Maturely immature :P

If you could have any wish granted what would it be?: To be a Time Lord (or Time Lady, I should say).
What is the one thing you would change about the world if you could?: The people.
Do you believe in the good or the bad in man?: Both, but the bad is more readily apparent.
How do you feel about mistakes?: Eh. They happen. Just try to make sure they aren't too huge.

Twilight Princess
Favorite character: Midna, the half-naked Queen of Snark, because she was just so different from the other characters in the series :D
Least favorite character: MALO. That baby freaks the hell out of me! I didn't much like Ooccoo either...
Favorite boss: The Stallord! That fight is almost too fun to be legal! *screams*
Favorite Location: The Twilight Realm, because everything was weirdly beautiful there.

Power, Courage, or Wisdom?: Wisdom
Weapon of choice?: Only one? Probably the Clawshot, then.

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